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AGE: 29
CONTACT: [ profile] cuddlebug


CHARACTER NAME: Steve Burnside
CANON & CANON POINT: Resident Evil: Code Veronica X & Darkside Chronicles, end of game(s)

PERSONALITY: The first thing you notice about Steve is that he’s trying way too hard. When we first meet Steve he’s young and terrified and acts tough to cover it, which makes him come off as a brat. He’s a gun-happy survivor who’s made it this far completely on his own and doesn’t think he needs anyone’s help. He’s a hothead towards their captor and disregards Claire’s repeated offers to stay together until it becomes clear that they do need one another; more so that he wants and needs her around. From that point on, Steve starts to make a little more sense.

His father’s betrayal of the family (the only people he’s probably ever had steady contact with being his mom and dad, now dead) leaves Steve extremely angry and vulnerable, thinking that he’s better off on his own. When he realized this isn’t true it leads to his seeking desperate for approval from Claire. Once he accepts her as his fellow survivor he wants to look capable, but has such limited experience with people that his idea of being impressive is very macho action hero, which…. just is not him. So he looks sort of like a doofus at first, taking on more than he can handle and getting himself into situations that make him panic and… look like more of a doofus! But when he settles down and is comfortable being himself, you see the real Steve. He deserves the approval he was seeking but for different reasons -- he is extremely intelligent and versatile, able to repair massive machinery, fly planes, and use any gun you hand him. He undervalues all of that because he doesn’t think the real him is impressive enough on its own. Possibly this is just because he’s seventeen, or possibly it’s because his entire life was turned upside down when he became an Umbrella prisoner. As a prisoner, he feels alone and helpless, but the outbreak leaves him suddenly back in control.

Although we see several times that he does not keep cool in a crisis, the worst of these instances is when he has to kill his zombified father, after which he’s open enough to cry in front of Claire. From this point we begin to learn that at his core Steve is a very sweet, loyal puppy of a boy who is more than capable of saving the day when he keeps his head. He’s very brave when Claire is involved, doing absolutely anything to protect her. In fact, the most impressive and laudable thing about Steve is actually his strength of will to fight off the virus and the commands being given to him under the virus’ influence (this strain has a “queen”) to hurt Claire. He sacrifices himself instead, and is the only character in the entire Resident Evil series to fight off his mutations and successfully de-transform. (No one has done this before or since.)

Through these progressions he’s no longer trying too hard to be a hero; he actually becomes a hero. His strength isn’t in his guns but in his heart and once you have his loyalty, he will literally do the impossible for you.

SKILLS: Steve can use pretty much any firearm you put in his hands. He can also operate and maintain/repair most vehicles, including construction equipment and airplanes. He’s in good shape, his hand to hand is decent, and he knows how to take a fall. The virus he carries is also regenerative, so he probably has enhanced healing if he doesn’t mutate from injury — something to discuss with a mod if the opportunity arises. (Re: OTHER below) When mutated, the Steve!Monster has super strength, claws, a prehensile tail, enhanced scent and vision, and can jump really high.

ITEMS: Steve ends canon naked but if he’s allowed to have his basic game items he typically has on his person a photo of his family, a knife, a lighter, two machine guns, and two gold luger handguns. Maybe a green herb or two for good measure. ;)


TDM links:

PROSE (out-of-world)

Steve woke up with a shiver. He was lying on something cold and hard, and when he opened his eyes he realized it was the unforgiving metal of an exam table. A white cloth draped over him, head and all, and Steve thought, I’m still alive? then, Shit, am I naked? and finally, Where am I?

At least they hadn’t started embalming.

He wasn’t strapped down so he sat up and pulled the sheet off of his face, letting it pool in his lap as he looked around. This wasn’t a coroner’s office or a funeral home like he thought, and a quick glance down at himself showed him thick scarring on his abdomen where Alexia’s tentacle had pierced through; he couldn’t twist around to see his back but could feel the tissue there as well. Somehow he’d healed without mutating again... maybe because she was dead for real? But his body had been taken somewhere while he was out. He took a slow breath. This could be okay, he just needed to figure out where he was. It was a lab, that was a start. Maybe they had a phone and he could call-- who? He didn’t know the number of anyone alive. Hmm. Claire’s brother was STARS, maybe he could contact them.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he swung his legs off the table and tried to stand up, wrapping the sheet clumsily around him. Time to explore. There were other bodies under sheets, some stained with things he didn’t want to think about, just like he ignored the blood that stained his own. Steve crossed to the table full of equipment instead. No phone, but there was a centrifuge, a nitrogen bath, several different microscopes and a stain bath. There were fridge units full of samples of -- oh no.


The samples were viruses and they were from Umbrella. This was an Umbrella lab? Maybe. He rushed over to one of the other bodies and held his breath before ripping off the sheet. It was a dead bandersnatch. “Shit. Shit shit shit shit SHIT.” They were going to do testing on him. If they knew he was alive, they were going to experiment on him. How was he going to get out?

Trying the door suddenly seemed like a bad idea; if it opened where would he be? Steve looked around wildly for cameras and found two, one on each end of the lab. He also spotted a full size immersion tank with IVs and breathing tubes, to be used for creating god knows what. This was the worst case scenario. This was code red. This was his nightmare. He couldn’t help it; he screamed, stumbling back against the bandersnatch’s table.

A long minute of silence passed after, in which he cursed his stupidity and bioterrorism in general. No one came. “Whew.” Of course they didn’t come. His fearsome battle cry had driven them all away.

Or else they’d realized something in the lab was alive, and went to get their guns. It’s what he would do, if he was a psycho bioterrorist scientist. He’d have guns. Maybe there was one in the lab somewhere! Figuring his time was limited until someone came busting in to re-kill him, Steve started searching.

He wasn’t going to go out this way. Even if he'd gone out already.



Let me know what you think would be best to do with Steve’s infection — the T-Alexia strain is regenerative (based off the Veronica virus) and mostly dormant. Think zombie herpes. In canon it’s activated by Alexia herself, who has found a way to be the “queen” and control his actions via the virus. As mentioned previously Steve is able to fight her off and return to a human form, but he would still be infected and it’s possible that I could do a plot where he’s injured and that activates the virus, or something like that. Or it could remain dormant and non-contagious throughout his stay in Aqora! I’m up for anything.
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Hi, this is Steve Burnside's voicemail.
Leave a message and I'll get back to you soon.

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Eudio App

Jul. 12th, 2015 08:57 pm
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AGE: 27
CONTACT: [ profile] cuddlebug
CHARACTERS PLAYED: Pellaz, Connor Angel


NAME: Steve Burnside
CANON: Resident Evil: Code Veronica X & Darkside Chronicles
AGE: canon age 17, but aging to 18 will be inconsequential; it’s possible he’s only a month or so off anyway (born in 81, died in december 98) and he matures significantly throughout the course of the game itself.
CANON POINT: post-death

BACKGROUND: His wikia has an excellent summary!

Other notable points:
- We are not certain he is dead for real because the strain he was infected with is regenerative and can remain dormant and be used at will. Steve only died because he fought the virus but typically bosses regenerate several times and his body was taken afterwards, so it’s possible he respawned and the virus is still within him.
- He’s a sheltered paramilitary type with minimal socialization so Eudio will be both a challenge and a nice change from what his life was before the outbreak.
- Steve is incredibly loyal once he attaches to someone. Like crazy super die for you loyal, and he attaches to people relatively quickly. So this will extend to all his potential friends.

INCENTIVE/FIT: As far as Steve knows he is dead, so any offer of life (even if it would only apply while he’s in the city) would be enough incentive for him. He could ask for his resurrection, obviously, but even more than that he’d want for Claire’s safety — a guarantee that she finds her brother and gets away from the outbreak nightmare they’d been fighting. If he can only ask for one thing, he’d ask for it for Claire.

He’s an awkward virgin but has no hang ups to speak of and is super cuddly — he’ll fit into Eudio quite well.


Eudio TDM - talked to Moira, Jake, open tag

The Box TDM

ANYTHING ELSE? Steve died naked but immediately before that was carrying several weapons including semi-automatic pistols and machine guns. I’d like for him to keep the twin lugers. There’s also the issue of his being infected with the T-Alexia virus, for purposes of the game he’d obviously have to be cured or otherwise declared not contagious.


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[Camp may be pitch black, freezing cold, and covered in snow, but Boys' 22 is warm and the windows are glowing with holiday colored lights. You can smell food if you walk past, pretty much everything about this cabin is cheery and welcoming.

And if you said you'd come to Christmas dinner, you better fucking show up. Or an annoying a determined redhead is gonna come track you down.]
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I lost a player for my Resident Evil AU, and need a replacement to be able to continue the game. Please comment here if you're interested. I can help catch you up OOCly and there are characters who have volunteered to catch your character up ICly.

Day 0 is here, you would enter on Day 1.
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Comment here with your character introductions.
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Regarding this trial run of a survival horror event.


It went well for what I wanted it to: a test to see if I could keep up and keep track with this sort of puzzle/exploration game, and with running monsters. I kept up, kept track, and kept things moving. Considering this success, I am going to do a full event.


- Organization; players had trouble keeping track of movements. Next time there will be new threads for each room, marked in the topic, as well as a links list in the body of the post.

- Plot; as this was a test event, there was no plot to be had. I think the plot of the Camp RE Event will really make things more interesting and give characters more to discuss/interact with.

- Puzzles; less hunting and gathering, more thinking and solving. Which shouldn't be a problem with what I have lined up, I just needed a self-contained puzzle for this game. And a reason to keep going into rooms to fight monsters.

- More players; most likely, having more people to interact with would make the game more interesting. More difficult to manage, as well, but if the organization is improved and people utilize OOC communication... o/???


Please comment with anything you think would improve the game!
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Steve is white and nerdy. )


Alfred Ashford is Stewie. )


I love the whole fucking world.

Part 2 will be an actual post about Darkside Chronicles. But for now watch the videos.
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Code Veronica gameplay trailer.

I want Darkside Chronicles so bad. MY BABY IS SUCH ADORABLE FAIL.
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Steve Burnside

Eyes: blue
Hair: red

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure!

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: MADE OF FAIL he will not know how to deal with it because YOU ARE NOT CLAIRE and even then he really fumbles all the time but. Uh. Go for it, I love flustering my characters.

Maim/Murder/Death: ........sure, he's already dead. He runs headlong into danger and has his body experimented on, anyway.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Anything! 

Notes for the Psychics: Normal teenage boy. Just with a lot of emo and trauma in his life. But who doesn't, in camp?

Notes for Magic Users: Normal teenage boy.

Physical traits: Pretty bulky for a teenage boy, but not very tall or broad. I figure maybe 5'10" and average frame, just with a good bit of muscle atop it.

Abilities: Steve can pilot, drive, or operate every plane, boat, train, tank, submarine, or other vehicle that you can think of. It's amazing. He can also use any weapon you put in front of him, regardless of whether or not he's seen it before. He has amazing aim with guns as well (except for when he wastes huge amounts of ammo and still only hits Alfred once per encounter), and is reasonably strong. And good at running~ away~!

Secrets: None, really! There's some stuff he will keep quiet, especially regarding his family, but nothing he keeps secret.

NOTE: As of 3/4 through the game, Steve is infected with the T-Alexia Virus, and mutates in to a monster. As he is taken post-death, HE IS INFECTED WITH THE T-ALEXIA VIRUS IN CAMP.

Wesker: Today's a good day. I came for Alexia, but killing you is even better.
Chris: Sorry to disappoint you. But Alexia is gone.
Wesker: That's no longer a concern to me. I have Steve to work with.
Claire: What?
Chris: Steve?
Wesker: In his body there's still a little T-Alexia Virus. Steve should be a good specimen. Maybe he'll come back alive, just as I did, and be able to see your sister again.
Chris: You freak!
Claire: Don't you touch him!
Wesker: I'm sorry, dear heart... but my men have already taken him.

So how he's alive in camp will be a question to the cast. He'll probably think that the virus revived him. The virus is not contagious! But maybe sometimes I'll turn him into a Steve Monster. We shall see~
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Steve's voting post is here, in with 87.9%

Character: Steve Burnside
Series: Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Character Age: 17

Canon: Picture yourself in a survivor video game: you're surrounded by zombies, you're weaponless, and you have no idea where you are. Just as you begin to despair that all is lost, you encounter humanity -- but don't get your hopes up, things will only get worse. You see, the character you've just met is Steve, and he is made of fail.

Allow me to elaborate. In the first half of the game, you will witness this vibrant young man accidentally lock himself in a death chamber, use the phrase 'it's just a scratch' in reference to a bullet wound, and run a digging machine into a pipe of toxic gas because he is staring at the main character, Claire's, ass. Additionally, Steve has no idea how to behave around Claire (who he's slowly falling in love with) due to major trust issues and a world view fractured by daddy emo (which you'd have, too, if you watched your zombie father try to vore your not!girlfriend). He is consistently loyal but awkward, flirty but clueless, determined but confused. Steve's rather epic levels of fail are offset, however, by his inexplicable skill with/fetish for automatic weaponry, the slow-motion photography he gets when he leaps through plate glass windows to save Claire from monsters, and his random knowledge of how to pilot or drive every plane, submarine, and vehicle in the game. Let's just not mention that they all wind up crashing~

Steve dies about 3/4 through the game and is taken post-death.

Sample: Hmph. You'd think Hell would have some kind of a welcome wagon. After all I've been through, to wind up here is bad enough... but to wind up here without even a 'Hi, Steve! How was your trip, Steve? Did you want a room overlooking a fire pit, Steve?' Sigh. It's funny, though, remembering now how people used to say 'this is hell' about a really sucky situation. 'Cuz. Uh. If this is Hell, it's just like my life. Monsters, zombies, funky smells, a distinct lack of girls in bikinis... yeah. Not cool, afterlife. And I'm not rolling over and taking it! I've fought my way through worse than this! All I need is a plan...


...well that didn't work. Plan B?

Think, Steve, think. Sure you're lost in the woods, and it's dark, and there are rustling sounds all around you, but sooner or later you'll find a map, and there's bound to be an airport, or a submarine, or maybe a secret army base with tanks and you can just ride right the hell out of this crazy swamp... or you could just be horribly lost and not be able to find food or water and then you'll run out of ammo and the zombies will swarm at your supple young manflesh for all eternity... I've gotta get out of here! I'll load my guns and clear a path and -- ooh, there's something shiny!

Oh man. Yes! Submachine guns. Fully loaded, fully automatic, fully awesome. These'll do the trick, to clean out this area! Come at me, zombies, you don't know what you're messing with. I'll shoot you full of -- water? Who makes a super soaker shaped like a SM-43? Shit shit shit, uh. I didn't mean it, zombies! Haha, just kidding. I'm just going to be on my way now...


Ahem. I'm alone. I mean. Of course I am. My fearsome battle cry drove them away! And I'm finally out of the woods. I bet the main road is that way, there's lights up ahead. Haha, see you around, swamp! Adios~

...I hate the world. It's a very well lit laptop, but I don't need a computer, I need a way out, or weapons, or ammo, or -- hey.

Hell has wireless!
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